Recruitment of candidates to Army, Navy, and Air force wings of the National defense Academy (NDA), is through National Defense Academy Entrance exam which is held of April and September. NDA exam is conducted by the union Public service Commission (UPSC). A candidate must be an Unmarried male. The candidate joining Indian Naval Academy would undergo 4 years B.Tech course and would be given an opportunity to join executive and technical branches of the Navy subject to availability of vacancies.

Written Course

  • The Asthana Inhouse Training Programme. offers coaching for the NDA/ NA written examination. The faculty at AIHTP is tremendously accomplished and highly qualified in successfully coaching students for CDS examination.
  • The guidelines of distinction followed by Asthana Inhouse Training Programme. assures that each student who opts for training of written examination with us,endures assurance and he would be thoroughly groomed for the exam.
  • Not only do we cover the entire syllabus subject after subject as per UPSC guidelines, we also prepare our students with mock tests, previous year question papers practice and doubt clearing sessions which are conducted each week to counsel each student’s development.
  • Mock test/Monthly test results are also examined to summitthe weak points of the aspirants. This gives students a sense of indulgence about the possible paper pattern and the level of difficulty of questions that will give them the right approach towards their examination, manage time efficiently and to eventually get the best possible results.
  • Students can learn here many tricks, shortcuts and quick and accurate answers through their time in the course. Apart from this, we provide extensively researched study material which helps students to easily access, organise and systematically approach the vast syllabus.
This ensures that the students know what to expect in the examination, how to approach the examination, manage time efficiently and get the best possible results. Experienced and highly acclaimed faculty trains students into handling the NDA written examination.

Correspondence Course

  • Our original study material made by our own publication solely focuses on NDA and other defence examinations.
  • Latest trend analysis and overall updated questions that have the maximum chance of coming in examinations are given more focus to build confidence and support among students.
  • We compile ourstudy material by analysing the question papers of last few years and by keeping in mind the present trend involving National Defence Academy Examination (NDA).

AIHTP Publication

  • We have devised several books which will help in preparation for CDS written exam.These books are made with a focus of giving the student a thorough revision and practice for their respective subjects.
  • For each subject, a single bookis givenon which the students can prepare on each topic and sub-topic also keeping in mind the latest trend analysis which is present in each topic.Each of these chapters provides them with an in-depth knowledge of everything that pertains to the topic. There are several solved questions present in each book including multiple sample papers. At the conclusion of every chapter, solution and hints are given for important answers via important formulae and vital facts as well.


  • Traditional preparation takes a lot of time and effort. Often defence aspirants will not have much idea where to start and what to study. We at Asthana Inhouse Training Programme have always tried to make things simple for you. Our online mock tests too would be designed in such a way that you can learn complicated subjects in quick time.
  • Unique questions and their detailed explanations help you easily understand confusing areas from each topic – be it Ancient India (History), Ocean Currents (Geography), Parliament (Polity) or Budget (Economics).
  • Our online mock tests will give aspirants a clear idea regarding UPSC standards. The tests will also help candidates to correct their mistakes and develop crucial strategies. Tests are designed in such a way that even beginners can start taking mock exams right from day one