It is said that “discipline is the key to any success.” Asthana Inhouse is a training center. In this system arrangement have been made in a systematic and well organized place for the diagnosis of all problems in a systemic way for the competent students. We are special because we provide special facilities to our students.


The specious class rooms in the campus provided the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. The campus are equipped with adequate teaching and learning aids to provide our students the best of the learning environment & methodology.

Fooding + lodging + coaching under one roof

Asthana in - house is a unique concept which provides fooding, lodging and coaching under one roof for the students where they will give their full time in studies to get success.


To develop over all personality of the students in AIHTP (Asthana In House Training Programme) works of “HOME AWAY FROM HOME.” It combines the warmth of a home with the comforts of hostel and epitome of excellence expertise and efficacy.
Asthana In House offers a superb boarding complex within the campus to its students. The room are well ventilated the elegant cavernous and cozy. Three students can stay in room comfortably. There are adequate security arrangement for the safety of students. To keep the young technocrats update about the latest development in the field of science, sports, politics etc. hostel warden are deputed in hostel to supervise day to day management. All the rooms have been design to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light.

Canteen / Food Court

Asthana In House understand that the refreshment time is the time when a student takes break from the studies to relax and thus eating areas has been specially design with clean and comfortable environ where they can enjoy their food. The canteen serves fresh and hot meals and menu has been planned meticulously to best fit the needs of the students. A favorite spot of students, the canteen provides hygienic and healthy foods, snacks and beverages.

Discipline and Time Management

It is said that “discipline is the key to any success.” Asthana In House is a training center. In this system arrangement have been made in a systemic and well organized place for the diagnosis of all problems in a systemic way for the competent students. Asthana In Houser Training Programee ( AIHTP) has its own fixed time table that runs for 5 am to 11 pm. All students of In House Training Programme have the time table of AIHTP given by.

Physical Training and Sports

Physical training is essential not only the physical fitness and growth an individual but also for his mental growth. The importance of physical training and sports in education can be gauged by the way it helps in including such as dedication discipline and responsibility in students. At the same time teaching hem many relevant life lesson
With a view to develop the all round personality of the students. AIHTP campus has well equipped indoor and outdoor sports and physical trainer facilities.

Motivational Lecture And Seminars

Motivation plays a key role in whether we become successful in life or not. We can not achieve much without the determination to our goals no matter how big or small they are.
In whatever we do we will never succeed if we lack the will and perseverance to hurdle of obstructions that get in the way. For students motivation is essential to be able to catch up with everyday lesson and learning. Asthana In House Training Programme arranged the motivational seminar and lecture for the motivate to his students.

Doubt Removal Session

After completing the topic, we conduct doubt removal session for that topic. A team of dedicated assistant faculties remain available on a regular basic to solve to problems. Back up classes are planned and arranged for specific students. According to their performance reports to improve the performance level of such students.

Regular Test Series

We conduct periodic test series to judge and monitor the performance and understanding level of students. Efforts are made to simulate real exam like scenario, so as to get the students acclimatized to exam situation regularly appearing for test also increase student’s speech.

Study Room

On campus study / Reading rooms are available to provide students with quite and peaceful environment perfect for self study and preparation.

Leadership Training

To provide leadership training at the formative years we have a students management council (SMC) in the AIHTP. Various sub committees like health, library, dining hall, sports and daily prayer fall under SMC. Students are appointed as chairman, hon. Secretary and member of the committees. Students get involved in the running the hostel by initiating and executing multifarious activities through out the year Through the SMC. The council meets once a months a evaluate the previous months meeting actionable and plan for the next month

Moral Education

To develop moral values, spiritual insights and instincts in our students, learning about and respecting are faith we take religion seriously in the AIHTP. It is mandatory for all the students to attained prayers regularly. Each students has to take part in moral and ethical educational programs.

Celebrations Of Festivals & Events

Major national & regional festivals are celebrated with joy and cheers. Special activities and programs are organize to celebrate the events. Students are served feast on these occasions.